Battery Mounts:

Battery Mounts. Plug power into your project

for Kobalt “K24V max”

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M18 Dock/ Mount

for Milwaukee “M18”

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M18 Dock/ Mount
Power Dock for Milwaukee M18 battery




24V Power to your design
Battery Mount with terminals for Kobalt Battery Pack 

Designed for a client’s portable lighting (see photos). Then thought of all who could use it.
  • Holds Kobalt brand 24Vmax pack securely
  • #10 screw holes for easy mounting (Flat head screws not included)
  • wired terminals already installed.
  • 12″ 18ga wires, color coded
  • Pack latches grab holder tight
  • Mount at any angle, latches hold tight
  • Vibration proof latches
  • Accepts all Kobalt brand 24Vmax packs, 2Ah, 4Ah
  • Great for Robots, Portable lighting, Remote 24V systems.
  • Battery NOT included
  • 3D printed in PLA plastic
  • Customization available (expect CAD engineering charges)
  • Replacement Terminals 
    14-18ga wire: Amp series 42460, Digi-key# A27923CT-ND
Oct 2016 “Good Price, Quick Shipping.” by qralph

Designed the “K24 max” battery holder/ battery mount for a friend who is also a client. I’ll call him JM. Among the photos are his feet. Do you recognize him? JM asked for his product details to remain secret until the product is released.  I expect he will order hundreds. As of yet, not so much.

Kobalt was selected by JM. Mostly for pricing. Voltage and Amp Hours are also good. Lucky for me, as the mounting and contacts worked out easily.

What to do with them:
I could not imagine anything beyond portable lighting. Then the ebay buyers spoke up. So far:
Retro-fit NiCad and NiMh power tools;
Robots (R2D2, BB8, bomb defuser,…?) ;
Replace worn out pack on battery powered Brill Reel Mower.;
E-Powered Skate board;

Home made charger (Be very very very careful.  National news reports have Lithium cells bursting into flames during charging. Your liability NOT mine).

A bit about the K24-MSL:
Designed using Solidworks, the pack shown above, caliper, Print-R-Bot Plus, trial fittings and adjustment.

Fortunately, the latch is on the pack. the Mount only needs a striker.

The terminals were equally fortunate. The pack has V shaped receptacles. The Mount need only have a tab to fit the receptacle. Went with common Amp (TE Connectivity) 1/4″ tab terminals. Amp series 42460, Digi-key# A27923CT-ND. . I get them from DigiKey. Crimp them with an official Amp crimper and solder the wire for best connection. Terminals have a latch and snap into the Mount. Designed in an access hole to allow terminal removal.

I expect you to locate the pack near your load.  I used the 18AWG rating of 20 amps over 3 feet. Need to find out if the K24’s are capable of or safe at higher amperage.

Made it Blue to be like the Kobalt product. 


Finally sold enough to consider designing another mount. Milwaukee M18 are quite similar and apparently quite popular. Stared working on that. No schedule. It will just pop out when it’s ready. Anybody got a dead M18 I can use for measurement and fit?