About Us

Made by Mitchell

Stuff I needed. Do you?

Amazon made me do this. Let me explain. I sell my products on eBay and Amazon. To list items on Amazon they require a UPC code or a Brand registered at Amazon. Getting a UPC for my product(s) is way too expensive for my niche products. That left me to register a Brand at Amazon.  For that you must have a web site. So, I repeat, Amazon made me do this.

I am a nerd/ geek in Upstate NY. Every time I need something I have to decide:  Should I make it or buy it. Most times it is obvious (food, clothes, automobiles, ….). Buy it. Sometimes the need cannot be filled by what is out there. That’s when it gets interesting and sometimes masochistic. 

Then I think. “If I need it maybe someone else does.” eBay is awesome for that.